The OakRose Academy of Light
A Mystery School for the New Age


Definition and Objectives:

The Oak Rose Academy of Light offers a clearer understanding of the ascension process and the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood of Light that will advance you on your own path of Liberation.

The Oak represents Strength and Wisdom as in the Tree of Life and the Rose represents Love and Healing as in Christ Consciousness. Thus with Strength and Love, you are able to manifest all that you need in life, whether it is healing, understanding, or enlightenment. This is the path of self-mastery.

In this transformational time upon the earthplane when all life is experiencing tremendous incoming Divine Energies of God through the overlighting of the Brotherhood of Light and the Company of Heaven, we as a human collective, are bringing together our parallel realities, focusing our Higher Light Self on multi-dimensional aspects of soul, and opening to ever increasing gradations of One-Unity Consciousness. As you journey from where you are to a fuller embrace of I-AM Consciousness in this now moment in Eternity, you will find joy, peace and liberation beyond anything you could imagine.

About The Academy:

The OakRose Academy of Light Inc. was founded in 2007 by the Reverend AliceAnn Melchizedek and became a non-profit 501(3)(C) charitable organization in 2014. The Academy functions as a Mystery School for the New Age; it is a non-denominational/non-sectarian spiritual and educational organization considered to be under the direction of what is known as the Spiritual Hierarchy of Heaven. The Academy is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where its principle offices are held and where members attend to study with the Ascended Master's. The public at large is invited to join monthly Evenings with the Ascended Masters, group weekly meditations, and quarterly Ceremonies of Life and Light.


The Academy's purpose is to teach a universal understanding of the I-AM Higher Consciousness. As such, the Academy has no set dogma, or liturgy in place that promotes a specific theology; however, under the Guidance of Heaven we do institute a form of worship which is open and inclusive and in alignment with Universal (God's) Law.

The Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy

The OakRose Academy is guided by the higher power of Heaven which has been known from time immemorial as the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth. The Academy is under the direction of the Great White Brotherhood of Light, also known as the Spiritual Hierarchy of Heaven. These ascended beings have orchestrated the Spiritual Governance for Humanity since the period in history known as the "fall". The Ascended Masters in each department of the Spiritual Hierarchy guide and support the Spiritual Development of Humankind in a benevolent, non-interference, non-intrusive manner. Thus, the OakRose Academy of Light has been established by the Ascended Master-Teachers as a humanitarian organization to further the Teachings and direction of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and hence of Heaven and the Creator Most High.

Academy Membership:

The OakRose Academy of Light Inc. is diverse in its membership and its locations around the world, yet we are all considered one Family of Light under God. Participating Members are casual members; Active Members use the Academy's services on a regular basis; Sustaining Members are usually accepted students (chelas) of the Ascended Masters. Participating and Active members may join the monthly teleconferences, Saturday morning meditations, and quarterly ceremonies; and they may sign up for the Academy's spiritual guidance and educational services with no long-term obligation. Sustaining Members or chelas have the opportunity to enter into a committed interaction with their overlighting Master-Teacher and thereby become an active member of the Academy's Satsanga.

Services & Ceremonies:

The OakRose Academy does not have regularly scheduled, weekly church services as we are identified as an esoteric mystery school, which means we teach and promote the ancient teachings of God that all higher esoteric traditions uphold. The Academy does offer and facilitate four High Holy Days Ceremonies of Light as did the ancient Essene Brotherhood, which include two Solstice and two Equinox services celebrating these astrological events. Individual devotion is always diverse and personal.

Community Members:

The OakRose Academy of Light supports Ministers of Light services globally. These umbrella services assist people regionally, and often take the form of "Conversations of Light".

To access these services; please go to to check out individual services.

Monthly Teleconferences:

The OakRose Academy offers a monthly "Evening with the Ascended Masters" in Santa Fe, New Mexico along with a simultaneous teleconference (on the middle Sunday of each month) as an introduction to the Ascended Master teachings. This is an opportunity for people world-wide to meet and speak with one of the Ascended Masters, and also experience other Lightworkers from around the world.

Time: 7-9 PM MST USA

Current Call in number: 605.475.6711 Access Code: 7325118#

To attend in person, please call the Academy's office number 505.490.8855

Or, sign up for the Academy's email list by contacting us, at:

Educational Services:

The OakRose Academy has several levels of Teaching as a recognized Mystery School.

  • Monthly teleconferences which offer an introduction to speaking with the overlighting Ascended Master.
  • One-on-one personal sessions, which offer an opportunity to work with a specific Ascended Master for spiritual development.
  • Workshops and evening presentations, which offer an evening or weekend venue for learning spiritual techniques from the Ascended Masters.
  • Master classes, which offer an interactive Master class format under the guidance of the overlighting Ascended Master.
  • A 5-day Intensive or weekend Institute, which offers an in-depth opportunity to work directly with the Ascended Masters.

The Teachings of the Ascended Masters are time-honored and have been passed down through all the Earth's Ancient Mystery Schools, in this kind of direct communication, one receives the Teaching or Guidance directly from on High.












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