Reverend Hilary Melchizedek

Rev. Hilary Melchizedek
(Robin Hilary Taylor)

Rainbow Healer
Transformational Facilitator
Spiritual Mentor & Coach

rainbow rose

Personal transformation through love and enlightenment has always been a major part of Hilary’s life. His higher self has always encouraged him to go within and look for the lessons contained in his life experiences, to let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors and to share the wisdom of those experiences with other people. Hilary has trained and facilitated in 18 countries around the world, helping people to achieve their highest potential and well-being, assisting people everywhere to fulfill their highest goals and dreams.

As a valued member of the OakRose faculty he has continued to bring his wisdom, love and perspectives to those he assists. His work as OakRose Program Director has raised the level of the Academy’s consciousness to its next world-wide platform. His generous comments and care for others within the OakRose community is a hallmark of the Master’s Teachings.

Hilary has been a disciple of the Masters since his initial Five-Day Intensive in 2013. He was formally ordained by Master Serapis Bey overlighted by Lord Melchizedek as a Melchizedek Minister of Light in 2014. He is the beloved husband of Rev. AliceAnn since the Summer of 2015. As a couple they teach, facilitate and Serve the Higher Realms in their home, which is the principle location of the Academy, while also traveling for the Ascended Masters to bring a deeper Spiritual Awareness to the world.

Spiritual Background

My spiritual journey started in late 2001, whilst working for the ANZ Bank. My boss chose me to become the Breakout Champion for the Investment Banking arm of ANZ. Not knowing what to expect, I headed off to the Breakout champion retreat and met a wise elderly lady named Gita Bellin. Gita was to transform my life, for she introduced me to personal & spiritual transformation. At the retreat she taught us the process & value of meditation, the importance of intention & attention when communicating, the key elements of trust, the importance of letting go of withholds, and many other transformational topics that would become central to my life from that day forth. Most importantly, she introduced me to the higher aspects of the Divine. Although we were all working for a bank, at the start of each day she would call in the Archangels & other High Holy Ones and then we would meditate. Of the 20 participants, many thought all the esoteric stuff we covered was strange (at best), but it resonated for me so strongly, and started my search to understand the Divine. Up until that time, I had had no interest in religion and no conscious awareness of God.

In 2002, ANZ decided to run Breakout personal transformation programs for all its staff (over 40,000 staff in around 30 countries – eventually it became a case study for Harvard University) and to reduce the costs it decided to use some internal staff as program facilitators. I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the first internal staff members to be trained as a transformational facilitator and for the next six months we received training from Gita (including lots of spiritual topics such as chakras, meditation, the higher realms).

It became clear to me that I was being directed & supported from above on my path at this time, for the Head of Breakout later told me that my interview was unbelievably poorly prepared & delivered and based solely on it I would not have been offered one of the nine spots available. However, during my interview review, Gita, explained to the selection panel (who were all very spiritual) that despite my poor interview her Master guide from above had given her a list of who was going to be a Breakout facilitator and I was on the list.

As a result of that gift from above, over the next six years I would run Breakout personal transformation programs throughout Australia (including the core component of meditation) and in 18 countries around the world (my spiritual path was firmly set in place now).

Gita often shared with me that I was a healer for others (both when I was facilitating and when I was not) and that Divine energy flowed through me even if I did not sense it. What I have come to realise is that whenever I needed a message from above, it would come intuitively and exactly at the right time. I simply needed to learn to trust my instincts.

Facilitating Breakout with colleague Megumi Miki
Tokyo, Japan, June 2003

I then started learning a variety of healing modalities (Reiki, Reconnective Healing, etc), however, the process to be followed would not stay in my head. What spirit was trying to teach me was the power of clear, focused intention. I rarely practiced my healing skills, unless I was in the presence of another healer and sensed that they needed their energy topped up (which they always did). My empathic gifts have always been pretty strong, although until recently I had always incorrectly put this down to having a sound logical mind.

Once started on the spiritual path I was a firm believer in the New Age (even if none of my family and few of my friends were believers) and each day I would check out different spiritual websites for updates on what was happening regarding the New Age.

In late 2012, I went to Sedona to attend a 2012 Scenario conference, hoping to finally get some real proof that the New Age was real – I had been living on faith until that time. One evening of the conference a friend said that we had an invite to a room where the blind lady (AliceAnn) would be channelling the Ascended Masters.

That night changed my life, for I finally got the proof that I had been looking for and it came in such a simple way. When we entered the room, AliceAnn was facing away from us, channelling Master Hilarion. He welcomed us and we took our seats. Master Hilarion continued his discourse and eventually got us to start toning our chakras. I was comfortably sitting in my seat, toning away, when Master Hilarion said to me “Robin, when we tone, it is important that we sit up straight in our chairs. Alice, can you go over and help Robin?” Those words changed my life, for I had indeed been slouching in my chair, whilst AliceAnn had been facing away from me the whole time, plus no-one else had spoken. Only an advanced light being from above could have given me that feedback. Now, there was nothing that could remove me from my spiritual path, for I had ‘proof’ that ascended spiritual teachers existed. Later that night I also experienced a major healing from Master Hilarion.

In August 2013, I decided to attend a 10-day meditation retreat in the Rocky Mountains and had left my last 6 days in the US free to visit some friends in Omaha. Before leaving Australia, I decided to ring AliceAnn and see if I could stay a day or two with her in Santa Fe. Whilst talking to her, she said the Masters thought that I would benefit from a 5-day intensive. Although there was a significant cost and I wouldn’t be able to visit my friends, my heart-mind took over and I immediately chose the intensive with the Masters. This intuitive decision making (which went against my logical mind’s urgings) had again come into play in my life, and was to finally allow me to answer the questions that had been dominating my thinking for the past 10 years (Who Am I? What is my life purpose?).

At my intensive I found out from Yeshua that I was a member of the Essene Community, as were many of the members of the OakRose community. I also found out that I was once a member of the Teacher/Healer/Priest branch of the Order of Melchizedek, plus my greatest gift was when both Master Serapis Bey and Master Hilarion offered me the opportunity to become their Chela.

Being a disciple of these two Ascended Masters, has provided me with the direction & support that I have needed to continue moving forward on my spiritual path.

In November 2014, I was fortunate to be able to support AliceAnn & the Ascended Masters on their Ascend in Love tour of Australia. I loved that experience and knew that permanently being part of the OakRose community was a core part of my wayshower role here on Mother Gaia as humanity moves towards ascension. It was the commencement of an ever deepening connection between myself and AliceAnn.

Robin Hilary. AliceAnn & Alice Lucille at Uluru NT Australia

I returned to Santa Fe in early 2015 to attend Master Hilarion’s Healing Institute and remained for several months assisting AliceAnn as Office Organizer and Newsletter Editor and continued my training towards priesthood in the Order of Melchizedek.

I returned to Australia in May 2015, confident that a way would soon be found by God for me to re-join AliceAnn & the OakRose USA community (knowing them to be my true monadic family). As is always the case, God found me a way to return to Santa Fe in June 2015 and I knew that my life in Australia had closed for now. I was soon ordained as a High Priest in the Teacher/Healer/Priest branch of the Order of Melchizedek and my spiritual work both personally and for OakRose Academy increased in intensity.

AliceAnn and I had been growing closer and closer together and with the approval of the Higher Realms and Spiritual Hierarchy we were married in August of that year. We quickly applied to the US government for the granting of a Green Card work visa, plus approval for me to remain in the US as a registered Alien spouse. These were both granted in early 2016. Throughout this time, situations that could have been very disruptive were resolved easily & effortlessly with the assistance of the Ascended Masters.

An example of this was staining my wedding jacket only days before the wedding. With very little funds available, I asked the Father for assistance in finding a good quality jacket that would match one of the six ties I had brought with me from Australia. I was guided to the local Good Will store.

I checked the jackets & suits on display but found nothing appropriate, but then saw that there was a selection of men & women’s clothing still waiting to be placed out in the main store. There was no suitable jacket, waiting for me, but there was a Ralph Lauren lightweight woolen suit, in perfect condition, just my size, and its color was olive green (the color of three of my six ties). And the price of this gift from God (just 18 dollars and a heart-felt thank you).

I look back on my life and realize how I have always been at the right place at the right time, and everything that has happened to me has always been for a good reason (even if I couldn’t deduce that reason at the time). There are no accidents in God’s Universe.

The past few years have flown by, yet have been full of amazing opportunities for me to increase my spiritual awareness & understanding and evolve into my role as a Melchizedek Teacher - Healer - Priest.

As AliceAnn’s partner, I get to witness on a daily basis a Divine Being of Light, totally committed to God. She is a beautiful role model of how to raise your consciousness and as a result establish a strong connection with the Higher Realms. As a result, I continually experience the wisdom and love of the Ascended Masters & the Spiritual Hierarchy.

These things have imprinted on me the important role that Lightworkers play as Wayshowers (and all members of the OakRose community are Wayshowers for humanity), chosen to assist humanity in consciously embracing their divinity within and as a result join Mother Gaia in ascending to the 5th & Higher Dimensions. This task & opportunity is no longer something that will happen some time in the future – it is happening now and I am constantly amazed at how quickly we are all growing into our evolutionary leadership roles here on Nova Earth.

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